Antwerp Dentistry Advanced Dental Assessment

Antwerp Dentistry Advanced Dental Assessment


Dr.Raj Wadhwani has developed an advanced multi-dental system check, which has been adopted by some of Antwerp Dentistry Clinicians. This meticulous system check is  based around the 10 areas of Antwerp Dentistry  assessment :

Antwerp Dentistry 10 point dental check :

  • a caries (decay) check
  • a periodontal (gum) disease check using our bespoke Antwerp Dental Screening protocol
  • a saliva check
  • a tooth wear check and tooth grinding risk assessment
  • a jaw function check
  • a cancer check
  • a risk assessment of future disease
  • a medical history assessment as this relates to dental disease
  • a cosmetic dentistry check
  • where appropriate, an orthodontic and/or  facial aesthetics check

This advanced dental assessment makes for a very logical and health based treatment programme. If you would like to have an Advanced Dental Assessment with view to devise a meticulous health based treatment programme, please phone Antwerp House on 01223 247690 to make your appointment with a calibrated surgeon.

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