Minor Oral Surgery

Minor Oral Surgery

Minor Oral Surgery Services

May be you have had a difficult tooth extraction which has left remnants behind, or you are suffering from wisdom tooth pain, or you have suffered a failed extraction attempt and you are seeking an expert to provide you with comfort. Look no further. There are several dentists within Antwerp Dental Group who have minor oral surgery expertise. Some are accredited specialists, and others are dentists who are routinely involved in the field of minor oral surgery.

Our referrals team will coordinate your referral to ensure you receive the best possible treatment delivered in the safest manner possible.

Sedation Services

If you are nervous our team can arrange for you to receive treatment while sedated. For NHS services, you will generally be prescribed an oral sedative tablet prior to treatment. For private services, we will inject a drug known as Midazolam. This will put you into a very restful state in which you will need to still be responsive to verbal command. You will however feel very detached and relaxed and will likely not remember much of the procedure. From time to time the sedationist will consider using gas and air to help you feel very comfortable.

Please do feel free to contact our referrals team to explain your needs and we will give you information about the procedures to help you decide if you wish to follow the NHS route or be treated privately

NHS Minor Oral Surgery Services

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If you are are being referred under NHS arrangements for minor oral surgery, you CANNOT book via this website as this is for private minor oral surgery services. Your dentist will need to refer your care via an online portal known as ‘Dental Referrals” operated by FDS Consultants, who are commissioned by the NHS:


Your dentist will need to refer your oral surgery case via the above website to be able to access funding via our Minor Oral Surgery Service. Please do ensure that you are referred via the correct route, otherwise you will be charged privately for Minor Oral Surgery Services.

Our Commitment to You

We promise to address your referral swiftly and arrange consultation and treatment by one of our expert surgeons to carefully, safely and perform your required oral surgery with the minimum of discomfort or pain.

What is a Tier II Minor Oral Surgery Service?

To have surgical treatment in the NHS, the complexity must meet the NHS criteria, called Tier II or Level II. The general surgical conditions that are covered are as follows:

  • surgical removal of uncomplicated third molars with bone removal and where the risk of inferior dental nerve injury is low
  • surgical removal of uncomplicated buried teeth, fractured or residual root remnants
  • management and surgical removal of ectopic teeth, including supernumerary teeth
  • management and exposure of teeth for the purpose of traction of teeth including orthodontic bonding a gold chain under the gum
  • surgical endodontics where traditional re-root canal treatment is not indicated
  • minor soft tissue surgery of non-suspicious lesions with appropriate histopathological assessment and diagnosis

If you are seeking out of hours appointments, or weekend appointments, and/or have limited flexibility in attending an NHS visit then you may need to consider going private for this procedure.

Our Oral Surgeons

Dr Arash is the lead for our Tier II Minor Oral Surgery Service which operates under the NHS.

What procedures are referred to hospital after assessment?

Some procedures carry additional risk and are best undertaken within the hospital service. These are actually known as Tier III procedures and they are outlined below:

  • Soft and hard tissue surgery where there is additional risk for nerve damage, displacement of tooth fragments into the sinus or the post-lingual space (space behind the tongue),  or that there is a possibility of jaw fracture
  • Management/treatment of salivary gland disease
  • Management of teeth/roots  where surgical access to the maxillary antrum is required
  • Management of temperomandibular disorders and/or craniomandibular pain that has not responded to initial therapy.
  • Treatment of cysts
  • Management of suspicious/non suspicious oral lesions
  • Placement of dental implants that may require guided bone regeneration and/or sinus lift procedures
  • Treatment of dentoalveolar injuries
  • Management of spreading infections including incision and drainage via an extra-oral incision
  • Management of jaw fractures
  • Diagnosis and surgical management of  TMJ dysfunction, Salivary gland disease, and congenital/acquired jaw anomalies

Private Minor Oral Surgery Service

If you are seeking minor oral surgery care rapidly, with more flexible weekend appointment times, or wish to deal with us directly rather than go through the NHS Triage criteria then you can self refer via this website and webform.

Our consultants will be delighted to examine you and rapidly arrange your minor oral surgery care to make your comfortable.