Specialist Endodontist

Specialist Endodontist

A Specialist Endodontist performs root canal treatments to an exceptionally high standard. Here is a diagram explaining the stages of root canal treatment :


endodontistOnce you lose a tooth, it is not going to grow back ! Neither is our implant technology as good as the original tooth !!….so whenever you are about to embark on a tricky root canal, our strong advice is to consider having this completed by one of our Specialist Endodontists. Endodontists have received advanced training in the use of special equipment and techniques, and are well equipped to maximise the chances of tooth survival. Typically, endodontists use microscopes to search the anatomy of the root canals and clean these out extremely throughly, followed by very tight sealing of the root canal to minimise the chance of re-infection.


Endodontists can occasionally save teeth that would otherwise be deemed to be  too difficult to treat. Usually the outcomes and prognosis of a tooth treated by an endodontist is superior to the outcomes of root canal treatment by a general practitioner. The endodontist works in partnership with your dentist, so that the endodontist completes the root canal, and your own dentist completes the crown which is usually  need after root canal treatment.